Accepted Papers

A Secure and Efficient Protocol for Electronic Treasury Auctions
Atilla Bektaş, Mehmet Sabır Kiraz and Osmanbey Uzunkol


Families of pseudorandom binary sequences with low cross-correlation measure
Oğuz Yayla


Optimizing the placement of tap positions
Enes Pasalic, Samir Hodzic, Samed Bajric and Yongzhuang Wei


Algebraic Attacks Using Binary Decision Diagrams
Håvard Raddum and Oleksandr Kazymyrov


Universally Composable Firewall Architectures using Trusted Hardware
Dirk Achenbach, Jochen Rill and Joern Mueller-Quade


Anonymous Data Collection System with Mediators
Hiromi Arai, Keita Emura and Takahiro Matsuda


A Signature Scheme for a Dynamic Coalition Defence Environment without Trusted Third Parties
J.C.A van der Lubbe, M.J. de Boers and Zekeriya Erkin


Key-policy Attribute-based Encryption for Boolean Circuits from Bilinear Maps
Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea and Constantin Catalin Dragan


Timed-Release Secret Sharing Schemes with Information Theoretic Security
Yohei Watanabe and Junji Shikata


VSSDB: A Verifiable Secret-Sharing and Distance-Bounding Protocol
Sebastien Gambs, Marc-Olivier Killijian, Cédric Lauradoux, Cristina Onete,
Matthieu Roy  and Moussa Traoré


Meet-in-the-middle technique and differential relations for SPN ciphers
Marina Pudovkina and Boris Pogorelov


Higher-order Glitch Resistant Implementation of the PRESENT S-Box
Thomas De Cnudde, Begül Bilgin, Oscar Repáraz and Svetla Nikova


Families of pseudorandom binary sequences with low cross-correlation measure
Johannes Buchmann, Christian Bischof, Özgür Dagdelen, Robert Fritzpatrick,
Florian Göpfert and Artur Mariano


Nearest Planes in Practice
Nele Mentens, Lejla Batina and Selcuk Baktir


An Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Processor Using Edwards Curves and the Number Theoretic Transform
Özgür Dagdelen and Daniele Venturi


A Multi-Party Protocol for Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Linear System of Equations
Gheorghe A. Schipor


Preventing Scaling of Successful Attacks: A Cross-Layer Security Architecture for Resource-Constrained Platforms
Christian T. Zenger, Abhijit Ambekar, Fredrik Winzer, Thomas Pöppelmann,
Hans D. Schotten and Christof Paar